We support wildlife populations through investing in key infrastructure, such as ranger posts, marine ranger stations and veterinary labs. This helps to ensure that park management can protect important habitats. We believe that when ranger patrols and veterinary teams can access hard-to-reach areas and treat wounded animals, wildlife populations stand the best chance of growth.

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Community development

We work with park-adjacent communities to promote wildlife-compatible livelihoods and mitigate human-wildlife conflict, both identified as key drivers of wildlife crime. We believe that engaging communities, schools and cultural institutions is key to building a sustainable legacy for conservation.

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  • Tender notice – Procurement for Solar Power Solutions for Nyamugasani Ranger Post, in Queen Elizabeth National Park

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  • Request For Proposal – Provision of Consultancy Services for Environmental and Social Impact Assessment (ESIA)

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  • Tender notice – Provision of Training Services For Creating & Trialing a CITES MIKES Data Model & Event Type on the EarthRanger Platform

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Success story

UCF has produced many tangible, positive results over the years that all of those folk involved – past and present – are very proud of. Many can be found referenced on this website. However, if you want to know what the thing is that we are most proud of, well, that is something that cannot be physically measured, weighed or valued financially. What we value the most, and what is absolutely our greatest asset, is our relationship with our prime partner, Uganda Wildlife Authority (UWA).

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The WILD LEO Ranger Education Fund provides Diploma and post-graduate scholarships for Ugandan wildlife rangers, to help equip them with the necessary extra skills to counter poaching and trafficking, as well as to deter other forms of wildlife crime. £2,500 will fund five scholarships for the academic year commencing September 2018 and will directly lead to greater protection of Uganda’s wildlife.

Please help us to make a difference in combating wildlife crime in Uganda.

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